Infamous Tattoo Waco Texas

933 Lake Air Dr., Waco, TX

HOURS: Fri and Sat 2pm–1am, Mon to Thu 2–10pm


Born in Houston, but raised in Waco my whole life. I can't remember a time I didn't have a passion for this industry. Even when I was young I was drawn to people with tattoos and piercings. My family always wanted me to have a career working with animals, so I went to school to start a zoology degree, however, I knew I wanted to find a way into being a part of a tattoo shop. Upon meeting Zac and Chonna I knew there was an instant connection, what I didn't know is how far they would actually take me into following my dream. From battling the greatest hardships life could throw at me, they picked me up, dusted me off, and gave me the tools I needed to begin this journey and into becoming who I am now as a body piercer, and as an adult in general. I've now been an established piercer since 2016 and I'll tell you it's true that you never truly stop learning. I enjoy the challenge of piercing and the connections I make with my clients along the way. I hope to branch out and bring other things to the table for myself and the shop one day, but until then honing my skills and knowledge of piercings is my focus.